Why was I given a character with a random name and gender?

You will be given a character with random name and gender when playing for the first time. But don't worry, because you can change your name and gender, here is an explanation and how to change it to your preference.

1.  How To Change Character Name
     Open 'Hero Menu', then select 'Profile', and choose 'Change Nickname'.


Now you can change your character's nickname as you wish.

Important :
* Characters Name only can consist of 8 Alphanumeric VarChar.
* Characters Name can not contain forbidden words.
* Characters Name can not contain symbol, special characters, or space.


2. How To Change Character Gender

    You can change your gender by using Gender Potion, You will be given one Gender Potion for the first time playing Ragnarok Labyrint NFT.

Go to 'Mailbox' to receive Gender Change Potion, select 'Bag', then 'Consumable' and choose Gender Change Potion item to change your character's gender.



You can also create completely new characters with nickname and gender according to your preference, (Click Here) to create a new character.

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