What is Job Level and how to get the experience point?

Job Level which is also commonly abbreviated as "JLv", "JobLV", "JLVL", or "Job" Character itself, is the second level of measure of Character development in RO, and is closely related to Character Profession.

Every time a Character gains Job Experience, their Job Level will increase. When a Character's Job Level increases, he will get a Skill Point that can be used to learn new skills (Skills that can be learned depending on the Profession taken) or increase the effectiveness of the skills that have been learned (Usually to unlock new skills). Each Job Level requires a greater amount of Job Experience than the previous one, and most monsters provide less Job EXP than Base EXP, which causes the Job Level increase rate to be longer than Base Level.

You can get Point Experience Job Level through: Completing Main Missions, Sub Missions, Defeating monsters and MVPs.

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