I didn’t receive what I purchased! (iOS)

This kind of error could occur due to a temporary network connection issue.

As for iOS(iPhone), all payments are handled by Apple so you should contact them directly.

[How to request a refund]

  1. Apple Support > Start > Select iPhone/iPad
  2. Select iTunes Store, App Store or iBook Store
  3. Select ‘How to restore lost purchases’
  4. Select ‘Receive an email reply’
  5. Write your name/email address, etc. on the contact information field

  Refer to the followings to fill in the detailed information field

  - Device: The device model of your iPhone or iPad

  - App: Action RO2 Spear of Odin

  - Order number: Write the relevant order number that experienced the purchase error

  - Reason for a refund: Write the detailed information (ex. Item did not arrive after a purchase)

* You might face penalties if you cancel a normal purchase before contacting our customer service. Please make sure to contact our customer service and ask to retrieve items first.

Contact Our Customer Service